Prager Law has significant experience advising clients on matters related to advertising and marketing.  Advertising and marketing law encompasses everything from product safety to data privacy.  Nancy Prager has advised clients who manufacture products ranging from consumer electronics to toys and offer services ranging from health websites to web hosting on advertising and marketing legal issues.

Prager Law provides the following Advertising and Marketing services to clients:

  • Advises on product safety testing requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Reviews product packaging for compliance with regulations
  • Reviews advertising copy for Truth in Advertising compliance
  • Drafts unique terms of service crafted specifically for client’s website
  • Creates and implements privacy policies and procedures in compliance with the laws of the United States, European Union and other jurisdictions
  • Represents clients before state and federal regulatory agencies on emerging issues
  • Drafts contest, promotions and sweepstakes rules

From data collection issues to packaging review, Prager Law appreciates the importance of the details whether in a contract or the side of a box!