Prager Law appreciates the value of intangible assets and the need to protect them.  Prager Law provides strategic legal advice to clients to identify, protect and enforce their rights.  Prager Law has aided clients on matters ranging from choice of corporate identity and branding to creation of licensing programs.

Prager Law assists clients on a wide range of Intellectual Property matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Advises in brand development;
  • Registers trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and manage international registration procedures;
  • Records copyrights with the Copyright Office in the United States;
  • Files Intellectual Property assets with the United States Customs and Border Protection;
  • Creates and implements intellectual property policies and procedures, including invention policies;
  • Develop and manage anti-counterfeit and anti-knock-off campaigns;
  • Drafts licensing agreements for intellectual property assets ranging from software to graphics;
  • Acquires content licenses for digital media platforms;
  • Clears the rights to third party owned intellectual property for use in film, television, music and literature;
  • Addresses Right of Publicity matters;
  • Manages the patent registration process through outside counsel